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Rethymnon - Aghia Triada / West Crete

Process of Reservation and Payment
 1.  Contact
The Cretan Association of Private Holiday Home Renters operates a joint office which is available all-year by e-mail or telefax.
It handles all reservations and all other correspondence between the association's members and their guests, both in English and German languages.
 2.  Customer Service
As soon as you submit an on-line form the office will receive the content by e-mail.
First they will check whether the desired accommodation is available. During the winter months this might take several days e.g. for getting in contact with the landlord who might be on leave.
In case that the desired accommodation is fully booked, the office will search for alternatives. They will keep in contact with you by e-mail and submit suitable proposals.
 3.  Invoice
After all details are clear, the office will by order of the landlord issue a detailed invoice and send it to you by e-mail.
The invoice will also show the Reservation and Handling Costs (38 % of the Grand Total) which will be levied as a Down Payment, and the Bank Account Information for the transfer of the Down Payment (inside Europe per SEPA *) credit transfer).
 4.  Rental Contract
The office will observe the arrival of the Down Payment via on-line banking.
Afterwards, they will send the Final Reservation Confirmation to you by e-mail. With this Confirmation, the Rental Contract will come into life directly between you and the landlord.
 5.  Payment
The Remaining Amount (62 % of the Grand Total) is to be sent by bank transfer 6 weeks before your arrival straight to the landlord.
The office will send the landlord's Bank Account Information and the Date Of Payment with the Reservation Confirmation.
 6.  Subsequent Alteration or Cancellation
In most cases, the office will be able to arrange any Subsequent Alterations without additional costs. In case that any costs should incur, the office will inform you by e-mail prior to fixing the Alteration.
Cancellation is possible any time free of costs, however the Down Payment ist not refundable as the Reservation and Handling Costs already incurred.
In case that the Remaining Amount should already have been sent, it will also not be refunded if you cancel one month prior to your arrival (or within even shorter term).
Attention: In case that you should not arrive by the scheduled time and should not give any delay information, it will be assumed that the reservation shall be cancelled. The landlord will then be allowed to give the reserved accommodation to someone else.
 *)  SEPA
means ''Single Euro Payments Area'' which includes those European countries where the banks run a unified system for money transfers inside this area.
Using the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the International Bank Code (BIC), money transfers inside the SEPA area are being handled at the same conditions as inland transfers are.
This mainly means that fees or expenses for abroad transfers will not anymore incur. So SEPA transfers are the safest, most efficient and also cheapest way of inner-European payment transactions.
SEPA countries are all members of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.
Most of the bank customers who already use online banking systems, will find a SEPA transfer form among the electronic credit transfer tools that their banks provide.
Else, when giving the transfer order to the clerk at your bank counter, you should insist in using the SEPA transfer method, just in order to avoid that they should ''by mistake'' run it as a fees-devouring SWIFT transfer. This applies predominantly for bank customers from the United Kingdom.

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